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What is the VoiceMarket?

The VoiceMarket is the first platform specialized in voice technologies. Its goal is to federate the different players in the field in order to offer the state of the art technology to its customers and to accompany them in their projects. The VoiceMarket contributes to the democratization of voice technologies while growing the community of this ecosystem. 

How does the support work?

Do you have a question about VoiceMarket, do you have a problem with one of our various services or do you need help with one of our solutions? Call on our experts to support you! When you contact our support, you create a Ticket that will be sent to a member of staff. This ticket is then linked to a request you have made. For the sake of consistency and good organization, it is strongly recommended to open only one ticket per request.

To contact the support service, simply go to the contact page and fill out the form or send an email to support@vivoka.com with your email, last name, first name, and problem encountered.

What are the terms of payment?

Depending on the products, there are 3 different types of contractualization which are: the cost per request, the subscription or the license.

These business models are compatible with our various references as far as possible (due to technical or financial constraints).

How is the integration of the modules going?

Depending on the technology, Cloud or embedded, the integration within your systems will be different. Indeed, in the first case, a simple API is usually enough to integrate the solution and then comes the configuration. On the other hand, for products operating locally, it is often necessary to intervene directly on site to configure the solution.

Why become a VoiceMarket partner?

Join with other voice actors to create a smarter, more connected business community. As part of our partnership with VoiceMarket, we are committed to positioning you for business growth by helping you make a name for yourself in your field and expand your business.
We reward you for your expertise and investment in our relationship with clear rules of engagement that guide sales, a flexible architecture that praises your business model, and easy access to your technology that prepares you for success.

How do I become a VoiceMarket partner?

Go to the “Partners” page of the site and fill in the form at the bottom of the page “Become a partner”. Our teams will contact you as soon as they receive it.

Need integration, training or support?