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The Smart Home entirely voice-controlled.

Easy to integrate, the API Smart Home allows you to control all the equipment in a home, launch scenarios and access external services. Being dynamically updated, this wizard is the perfect solution to integrate a voice interface to all your devices and applications.

The Smart Home API is a cloud service, based on conversational intelligence to rethink home automation applications. From the voice of a user, or a text command, this service deciphers the intentions and returns the command to execute.

An ultra-connected voice solution
with many features.

Thanks to the Smart Home API, it is now possible to control all kinds of connected objects by voice. From TV control to temperature and light management to scenario creation, a multitude of features can be discovered.

Create a conversational link between the home and the occupant via voice features. Make your Smart Home solution a reference on the market with a fast and comfortable user experience.

So the control does not only stop at home, it is also possible thanks to the API to interact directly with the external environment thanks to simple various requests. Indeed, the user can also request different services related to weather, rail traffic, news or even the creation of new scenarios to optimize his different requests on a daily basis.

The solution has been designed to be able to interact both with the interior of the house and with external services.

The Smart Home API service is a Cloud solution, so it does not depend on any particular technical specifications other than a connection to the server. Regarding the operation of the service, please refer to the documentation in the tab below. 

By following the link below, you will have access to the documentation associated with Vivoka’s Smart Home API technology. This information is essential for integration.


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Cloud service that can be integrated by API.


9 languages supported, more to come.


40+ operational use cases.

Access many voice features in just an instant.

With simple integration through a Cloud API, your product or service can benefit from many of the voice features developed as part of the Smart Home API solution by Vivoka. These use cases revolve around both connected objects and external services.

Develop your competitive advantage with voice.

Studies agree that voice is the next interface in terms of user experience. With the Smart Home API and a tool to capture the voice of your users, simply take advantage of voice features in your business and their benefits on customer satisfaction.

A solution adapted to your environment and needs.

The Smart Home API is a solution based on defined operation and use cases. However, what constitutes the evolution of the solution since its beginnings are the evolutions of the uses but also the customers’ requests. According to your use cases, environments and other specificities, the solution is customizable.

What the Smart Home API brings you…

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Voice control of the environment.

The Smart Home API allows to control all connected objects of an environment and to relay with external services. A simple voice pickup of the user’s voice is enough for the system to interpret the intentions and to operate.


Simplified integration through an API.

Being a Cloud solution, API Smart Home integrates very easily into any product or service with an internet connection. This simplicity allows to implement the functionalities in many user environments.

b3lineicon|b3icon-user-talk||User Talk

Multilingual voice comprehension system.

For the moment 9 languages are compatible with the Smart Home API: French, English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. Other languages are still being implemented and will evolve with the product and the different projects it will be confronted with.

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Adaptability of the system according to your needs.

The Smart Home API can be modified more or less substantially depending on your project and its characteristics. The support provided by Vivoka in these cases makes it possible to make all projects succeed in order to implement voice functionalities and thus meet your needs.

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